Amount on transaction
Means No fear to get bigger funds.

Most websites charge a percentage fee on every transaction. With a percentage fee, the more a donor gives, the less the organization has in their bank account. At Fundky, we do not want to penalize the organizations if they receive bigger amounts.

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fee on transaction

We have decided to charge only a specific amount per successful transaction.

If you receive $1,000, only 0.50 cent will be taken instead of $40 (4% fee on average). Find out more with our calculator below!

Transaction $
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  • 2.9%
  • 0.80 cent (including 0.50 app fees) per transaction

You receive

Most solutions

  • 7.9%
  • 0.30 cent per transaction

You receive

any organization
of any size and budget

  • No set up fees or hidden costs
  • No contracts
  • Connect with your actual systems & tools
  • No need for a technical team
  • Unlimited number of users (administrators and members included)
  • Unlimited number of participants per campaign

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