Manage your donation receipts with Fundky

Managing donation receipts can be a long and tedious task for an organization. Not anymore!

Fundky makes organizations’ lives easier by offering a Donation Receipts plugin. And rest assured, Fundky’s donation receipts are 100% compliant with the Canada Revenue Agency’s standards.

Simplified management

It’s super easy to configure the Donation Receipts plugin for your organization. Once the plugin has been added to your Fundky platform, you can find all the management settings in your account management interface:

  • The donations receipts’ information
  • The organization details that will appear on the receipts
  • How your receipts are issued

In addition to creating receipts, this plugin also allows you to easily replace, cancel and resend receipts for your donors.

Your organization would like to issue receipts for a specific event, but not for all of them? No problem! You can prevent donation receipts from being issued per campaign. This way, if your organization wants to issue receipts for a fundraising dinner but not for a golf tournament, for example, it’s possible!

2 methods of issue

Fundky’s Donation Receipts plugin gives you 2 options when it comes to issuing your receipts: the  automatic method or the manual method.

The automatic method is aptly named; after donors complete their donation, they receive their transaction confirmation by email with their donation receipt attached in PDF format. They can either print the receipt from their computer or keep it for future use.

On your end, no management is necessary! The process being fully automated, it’s the perfect option to reduce your workload.

The manual method lets you collect all the information needed to create donation receipts without actually sending them automatically. This way, you have all the information required in hand to issue the receipts later or outside your website.

In the case where your organization has already set up the issuing of donation receipts on another tool, you can simply export all your donation information from Fundky or use a plugin connected to our system.

What about your donors?

Tax return season will never be this easy!

Donors that own a Fundky account can download all their donation receipts directly from their account. They simply need to log in and go to the Transactions section in order to do so. Additionally, during tax return season, our team takes care of contacting all your members to remind them to download their receipts.

Download donation receipt

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