Donation receipts: how to reduce your workload during income tax season

Tax return season is always a busy time for nonprofits.

Some donors either lose their receipts, can’t find them in their email inbox…  and sooner rather than later, you find yourself searching for a ton of documents to get everything done (and quickly!). Let’s be honest: your workload takes a hit during tax season. But at Fundky, we UNDERSTAND what you’re going through! Therefore, we decided to create a tool to make your life a bit easier. 🙂

All your donation receipts in one place

With their Fundky account, your donors can find all of their donation receipts at the same place and download them from there!

It’s pretty simple: when a donor completes their donation on your platform, their receipt is automatically saved in their Fundky account. Whenever they want to, they can simply log in to their account and go to the Transactions section, where they will be able to download all their receipts all year long.

Download donation receipt

And what about you?

You? Oh, don’t bother! You don’t have to do anything. If one of your donors reaches out about downloading their receipts, simply refer them to this Help Center article. It describes step by step how to download a receipt from a Fundky account.

To help prevent latecomers, our team also makes sure to contact all of your members to remind them to download their receipts during tax season.


Is it really that simple, easy and efficient, you’ll ask? Well, now it is!

Happy tax return season!




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