Philanthropy: Fundky joins forces with consulting firm Épisode to enhance its service offering for organizations

New partners: Fundky and Épisode join forces

The Fundky team is proud to announce an alliance with a new strategic partner: Épisode. A leader in its field, Épisode is a philanthropy consulting firm with an exceptionally strong team, some 10 experts with multidisciplinary training and recognized expertise.

The alliance between Fundky and Épisode is the culmination of the two companies’ efforts to offer 360° services to organizations working in the philanthropic field, via website design, strategy, philanthropic coaching and more. 

“We’re delighted to combine our 20 years of experience in technological development with Épisode’s expertise. With our strengths combined, we can offer a complete service, to foundations and businesses.”

Benoit L’Archevêque, president and cofounder of Fundky 

Épisode, a philanthropy expert for nearly 30 years

Épisode is a philanthropy consulting firm with recognized expertise in both corporate and private foundations. With its consulting, analysis and recruitment services, it coaches a range of non-profit organizations and enterprises, supporting them in their philanthropic and community investment activities and helping to improve people’s and communities’ quality of life.

Épisode is exceptional for its detailed knowledge of the market, a product of the diverse backgrounds of its team of experienced advisors and its Étude sur les tendances en philanthropie au Québec, now a reference in the field. For 10 years, Épisode has been an incomparable content incubator, feeding its various clientele unpublished data on the state of generosity in the country and current trends in philanthropy in Quebec.

A strategic and technological partnership

At a time when online donation is becoming an increasingly widespread means of contributing, “anyone who is launching a major fundraising campaign owes it to themselves to consider the digital aspect in their fundraising strategies. We’re happy to be able to enhance our service offering with Fundky’s digital technology solution, which will enable our clients to reach a donor profile—one that’s on the rise—for whom technology is a part of the way they give,” says Épisode president Daniel Asselin

In return, all organizations that are part of the Fundky network can call on the various consulting services offered by the experts at Épisode. 

A winning combination 

It goes without saying that the partnership will enable Fundky and Épisode to broaden the services they offer to companies, foundations and organizations. With this alliance, the partners can use their respective expertise—strategy and coaching from Épisode, technological solutions development from Fundky—to offer their clients a wide range of complementary services.

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