COVID-19 Measures

COVID-19 Measures

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Get your personalized Fundky platform and enjoy 3 months free-of-use. Until 31/12/20.

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You would like to create your own donation website?

Good news!

We are pleased to offer all our Fundky Fam members 3 months of free use of the Fundky platform. This means 3 months free to get familiar with the Fundky platform and create the donation campaigns of your choice.

Our transaction fees remain active, but the plugins and licence are 100 % free!

You can therefore use it as you wish, in the most complete way possible.

With your Fundky platform, you can:

  • Receive online donations directly into your organization’s bank account
  • Automatically issue official donation receipts by email
  • Add offline donations to your platform and issue donation receipts for those donations
  • Create, cancel and replace donation receipts
  • Grow your community and get new email subscribers
  • Involve your community in peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns with multiple teams and participants
  • And so much more!
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Our support team is available for you from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. Click here to contact us!

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To learn more about the Fundky platform, you can visit our blog and our Help Center.

“When we cannot go back, we should only be concerned about the best way forward.”

-Paulo Coehlo

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