Find your donation receipts directly in your Fundky account!

For donors, the income tax season is like the hockey playoffs: a few crazy weeks where everyone skates to get the puck – except that here, the puck is your donation receipt. 😉

The donation receipt

First, let’s clear up what a donation receipt is and what it’s for.

A donation receipt is a document issued by a registered charity. It’s a written and official proof that a donation has been made to the registered charity. It must contain several official information of the organization, such as the amount of the donation, the date of donation, etc.

Rest assured, Fundky’s receipts comply with the Canada Revenue Agency standards!


The tax season madness

As a donor in 2019, we could think that having a digital access to donation receipts is something that is widespread – but it’s not! Mailing, e-mailing and paper receipts are still the methods that are the most used today.

With Fundky, find all your donation receipts in one and only place: your account!

How to find your receipts?

All your donations made on the websites of the Fundky network are available in your Fundky account! To find your donation receipts, log in to your Fundky account and click on your Contributions: you will find all your donations and the receipts associated with them. You can also download them if you want to!

To learn how to download your donation receipts, refer to this article of our Help Center.


It’s important to ask for your donation receipt if it wasn’t sent to you automatically.

Note: Not all organizations issue donation receipts, so you might not receive a receipt for one of your contributions.

Are you the “last minute” type?

Don’t worry! During the tax return period, Fundky contacts all Fundky members to remind them to download their donation receipts—and this way avoid any oversights!




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