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Easily involve your organization’s community using third-party campaigns

First of all, let’s define what a third party is: it’s simply a person or a group outside of your organization.  Third parties are a very important asset to your organization. They can promote your cause to a community outside your organization. In other words, think of third parties as a bridge between potential supporters…

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How to optimize your donation conversion rate using saved addresses

They say patience is a virtue, and oh boy, is it true! The majority of Internet users simply expect their browsing experience to be quick and simple. But how does that translate for organizations? On a website, a donation or registration process that is too long or too complex might not only frustrate your donors,…

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Enregistrez vos adresses avec Fundky

Find your donation receipts directly in your Fundky account!

For donors, the income tax season is like the hockey playoffs: a few crazy weeks where everyone skates to get the puck – except that here, the puck is your donation receipt. 😉 The donation receipt First, let’s clear up what a donation receipt is and what it’s for. A donation receipt is a document…

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